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Hope Barcelona use 75M € EU funds efficiently!

Barcelona has received a total of € 75M from the EU fund for e.g. electric buses, cycle paths and infrastructure. 1/3 goes to #Superblocks in Eixample. Hope they are used well and efficiently!

A third of the money (25.9 million euros) will be used to promote the project of the so-called Superilla Barcelona, ​​which draws up to 21 pacified axes and 21 new squares to be deployed in the Eixample from now until 2030
Barcelona City Council will receive 74.8 million euros from European funds, the maximum amount that the council had requested in the first instance from the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, which this Wednesday has resolved the call for aid.

This term, the municipal government team planned to transform the area around Carrer Consell de Cent and the four squares at the intersections. Work is scheduled to begin in June and be completed during the first quarter of next year.

The other large part of the European funds that Colau City Council will receive, a total of 16 million euros, will be used to buy 74 electric buses. The fleet currently has only 0.5% of electric vehicles and the aim of the City Council is to incorporate by 2025 46 hydrogen buses, 233 electric and 120 electric vehicles for the auxiliary fleet. This is not the only item of aid that will go to sustainable mobility. The council will also receive 9.1 million euros to create 16 new bike lanes and about one and a half million to strengthen controls in the low-emission zone (ZBE).



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