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How do you scale an innovation in your company ?

Long story short, it takes more than just running to scale an innovation. 

This is made possible thanks to our valuable network of key players.


It is people with invaluable knowledge and realistic optimism who give access to essential solutions to force an innovation forward. 

We act as your effective sustainable entrepreneur and representative.


Start small - Communicating learning is critical. Every small step is a risk when practicing a launch. Objectivity and get used to mistakes can be expensive but crucial to build a culture of learning with stakeholders and partners.


Pilots and testing - We find the potential for replication and upscaling in city environments in collaboration with decision makers.


We don't have Time - Measuring progress is hard work. Costumer selected search requires analyzes (i.e.results, documented interviews) but needs to give insight for action.


Connecting just-in-time. The benefit is to acknowledge the tools needed

just-in-time and be innovative within the innovation in the new market.

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Our Services


We have the know-how you need.

Net Zero Carbon is part of our mindset, as well the ESG Goals. Our Inner Development Goals (IDG) reflect our work. Gives us precious skills.

Service #1

A market Snapshot will help setting expansion goals and identify stakeholders. Subscribe monthly!

Service #2

We act as Clients effective sustainable entrepreneur and representative in the local market.

Service #3

Lobbying for key relationship in targeted areas as B2B, government- and municipal and technical fields.

 Service #4

Public Relations planning and enabler

to reach key decision makers with

CO2 Carbon Footprint B2B content.

Service #5

Coordinator for exhibitions at fairs, workshop, seminars. Access to support and action plan.

Service #6

Medium & long term partner based on Lean Canvas method in making Clients company grow.

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