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Connecting for one purpose

One simple design, #Vestre Peace bench, embodies an invitation to conversation and another one, #triwa watch, invites to new ways of conversation about mental health and piece-of-mind.

First Vestre introduced ”Coast” circular #ZeroCO2Footprint bench, made of ownerless plastic. Now the ” Piece bench”. Inspired by Nelson Mandela’s famous quote “The best weapon is to sit down and talk”. Keep an eye out for their next #nordicinnovation.

The best weapon is to sit down and talk.” - Nelson Mandela

Just days before the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo City Hall, the capital of Norway gets a new, iconic landmark: A six meter long bench shaped to bring people closer together.⁠

The peace bench titled “The Best Weapon” was commissioned by the Nobel Peace Center and created by Snøhetta, Norsk Hydro and Vestre. It has finally found its way from the Headquarters of United Nations back home to the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, ready to encourage more peaceful conversations and dialogue. The installation’s simple design gesture embodies an invitation to conversation, and is inspired by Nelson Mandela’s famous quote “The best weapon is to sit down and talk”.

Presenting "time to talk" with CO2 footprint mindset

The symbolic purpose of this timepiece from #Triwa is to spark new insights and conversations about mental health. For every watch sold, 15% goes to our partner Mind Sweden, and their work to reduce the stigma and shame surrounding mental illness. It's time to talk about how we feel inside.

"The silence among men is a massive problem. I have seen the consequences up close. So we have to find new ways to talk, and I hope this initiative can be a part of it." - Erik Lundin, artist and ambassador for the project.

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