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Larry Fink: Boom for Climate Startups

Larry Fink: ”The next 1,000 unicorns will be – startups that help the world decarbonize and make the energy transition affordable for all consumers. Will you go the way of the dodo, or will you be a phoenix?”

CEO at BlackRock

”Engineers and scientists are working around the clock on how to decarbonize cement, steel, and plastics; shipping, trucking, and aviation; agriculture, energy, and construction. I believe the decarbonizing of the global economy is going to create the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetime. It will also leave behind the companies that don’t adapt, regardless of what industry they are in.”

And just as some companies risk being left behind, so do cities and countries that don’t plan for the future. They risk losing jobs, even as other places gain them. The decarbonization of the economy will be accompanied by enormous job creation for those that engage in the necessary long-term planning. Read more:


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