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Lena Rainer

Experience: Concept owner in sustainable housing permit projects in renewable and re-usable construction innovations, city council plans, board decisions, County Environmental Boards and appeals to higher courts. Coordinator in the architect/housing developer team located in Stockholm City and Norra Djurgårdsstaden. 

Founder of 0-Carbon e-business in H20 Heating. Marketing experience with web Analytics and implementation of digital marketing. Founder of Architect and Design Studio of reconstruction of attractive attics in Stockholm including laws and regulations. 

10 yrs. in Public Relations as CEO and partner with focus on B2B Tech, Retail, Mining, Finance communication & Media. ICA, PWC, Compaq. Rewarded Best Sustainable Report Grocery Retail. Deep roots in the tourism Industry as creator of Hotel Loyalty Programs, as manager of Cruises and Travellers demand. CEO and Founder of Ice Cream Parlor Lejonet & Björnen and Creator of The Nobel Ice Cream Brand. Bachelor (BSc) Business Economics.

​See what everyone sees, do what no one does.


To do what no one does is also to do something no one has asked for before."


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I'm always looking for new and exciting people to colloborate with.

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