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Resilient grid when solar energy is shared in Biskopsgården

Ferroamp continues its green journey

Local DC-grid between buildings contribute to relieving the load on the electricity grid and counteracting the lack of power in densely built-up areas. In Bostadsbolaget's properties in Norra Biskopsgården, a large-scale investment in technology is now taking place, as a whole eight blocks have been equipped with PowerShare systems from Ferroamp.

- In order for the investments in solar cells to be both environmentally and financially sustainable, it is important that we can use solar electricity to a large extent within the properties, and then PowerShare is a good solution, says Oskar Scheiene, Energy and Environment Manager at Bostadsbolaget. It is not only the price of electricity that has reached new heights in the past year, it also applies to the load on the electricity grid in many areas. Göteborgs Energi predicts that the power needs in the city of Gothenburg will double in the next 15 years. Part of the solution to the problem is to combine solar cells with smart energy sharing so that properties can solve most of their energy and power needs themselves. In Norra Biskopsgården, the municipal Housing Company has now equipped eight blocks, with a total of just over 1,000 rental homes, with local direct current networks.

Ferroamp continues its journey as an greentech company where the effects contribute to the climate goals.


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